Friday, June 22, 2012


I must say I have THE CUTEST girlz!!! Huge THANKZ to my AWESOME friend Ashlee for taking our photoz!! You can see more of them at

I took this photo of Rusti when she was three months old.  She wasn't too sure about laying on this box and was waaay too wiggly!!  THIS is why I don't do newborn photography :-)

I wanted to do this photo since Rusti was born, but it was just waaay too cold and then I never got it done.  So I had to be okay with this one . . . I wanted one of her on her belly.  This is still the neatest photo ever to me and I LOVE it!!  I'm grateful for the knowledge that Riley helped take care of his little sister.  :-)

May 13, 2012 . . . Riley would have been TWO!!  I got this book at the hospital and Oaklee LOVES it.  It's a great comfort to her!!

I want to say a HUGE thankz to my friend, Amanda Livingston, for making THIS photo come to life.  I had this idea of putting Rusti in Matt's boots and I had NO clue how to do it, but Amanda MADE it happen!!  I LOVE how this turned out!! And if you've seen my photoz you'll recognize the little boots, too.  They are Riley's.  I call this "Daddy's tiny miracle sent from an angel above."  Rusti is 10 days old . . .

Miss Rusti is getting sooo big!! She will be FOUR months in a few weeks!!  I can't believe how FAST time goes by!!  LOVE her!!  :-)

I am the meanest MOM!!  Rusti was sooo done, but I wanted a photo of her in her cute outfit!!  HUGE thankz to my friend, Nikki Westfall, for the AWESOME headband!!  Soo cute!!  :-)

Oaklee was my favorite SURVIVOR at Relay for Life this year!! She is EIGHT years cancer-free.  What a MIRACLE she is!!  :-)

Oaklee is sooo good with her little sister!!  LOVE this moment I caught with my camera!!  :-)

Oh how I LOVE my Mom!! This was last year on her 55th Birthday!!  I hope to be as cool, AWESOME, and YOUNG like her when I am that YOUNG!!  :-)

My dorks . . .

Heaven help me . . .

LOVE this little girl!! She turned FOUR in May!!

Oh MaLayni Jane has quite the personality and she is sooo funny!!!  I LOVE her silly sense of style LOL :-)!! She got dressed and said, "Mom, I need a photoshoot!!"

Quite the gal she is!!  Crown and bracelet from her FOURTH Birthday cake.  She is too silly and cute!!  LOVE her!!!  :-)

There ya go, just a FEW photoz of my THREE girls!!! They are my LIFE and my WORLD!!! And yes I am STILL trying to decide if I'm going to take photoz again.  Thankz for your patience, support, and understanding!!  :-)

Easter 2012

I LOVE Easter!! And I know I'm sooo slow updating my blog!! SORRY!!! Easter is my most favorite holiday and time of the year!! It's usually our very first camping trip of the year!! This first photo is of MY three girls!! I had Rusti in February and this is the first photo I have posted of her!! I know, I'm a slacker!! This photo is sooo MY GIRLS!!! Their faces are DIRTY from riding the 4-wheeler and Rusti in her PJ's. It's just REAL and it's just THEM!! LOVE these three little girls of mine!! :-)

This next photo is of  my nephew, Bowdee.  I got to go out to the Church Farm and watch him rope the calves.  What an AWESOME Cowboy he is!!  I enjoyed EVERY second of being out there taking photoz of him and everyone else!!  :-)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo!!! This is Lisa's Woodland's "boys".  So neat to watch
Dan with his boys roping!!!  PRICELESS moment!!  :-)

Some of the guys in action.  I could have stayed ALL day and took photoz!!  I LOVE this!!  My TRUE passion for sure!!  :-)

Here's my other nephew, Tate.  LOVE this!!! They are both turning out to be some AWESOME Cowboys!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ashlee's Maternity Photoz

I promise I am still alive!!! Just been loving on my new precious little girl, Rusti. I will post photoz of her also, but for now here's some maternity photoz I took of my friend, Ashlee. She is 37 weeks along and oh sooo GORGEOUS!!! :-)
My FAVORITE shot of the day!!!  LOVE this!!  :-)

Another favorite!!
LOVED her shoes!!
Thankz Ash for letting me take these photoz!! LOVE this last one, but if you look close I am in it!!  I always have to be in a photo somehow.  I'm a dork like that!!  :-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry CHRISTmas!!

Here's wishing EVERYONE a Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!!! Here's our CHRISTmas card for this year. I sent out 70 of these, so sorry if you didn't get one!! :-) Thankz to Natalie Park for our photoz!
I usually try to do a newsletter with our CHRISTmas card. Here's the one for this year. I was just VERY glad to get my OWN cards out this year. I didn't get any out last year . . . THANKZ to my friend, Ashlee Fackrell, for these photoz!And a scrapbook page I made for Matt's Grandma that sums up our year with just
a FEW of my favorite photoz from the year . . .
I hope everyone has a very Merry CHRISTmas and a wonderful new year!!! Thank you for all your love and continued support of my photoz while I am on my break!! Here's to next year . . . Rayni :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Thankfulness!

November is here and I am sooo THANKFUL for soooo many people and things!!! If you know me and know my heart, my first LOVE is my FAMILY (like most everyone else)!!! I am sooo blessed to have a wonderful husband and two little girls. I have an angel, my son Riley, watching over us from heaven and ANOTHER little GIRL on her way!! Yep, you read that right, we are having ANOTHER little GIRL, due the end of March 2012. We are super excited and super blessed!!! She is growing and doing sooo GREAT!!! I am faced with another trial in my life though . . . I MUST take it REALLY easy for now or I will be on bed rest. I am sooo THANKFUL that I have been saying NO to photography sessions ever since I learned I was pregnant. At first, it was just a MUCH NEEDED BREAK, but now it's a life or death (possibly) situation. I am sooo THANKFUL for ALL of you out there who love me and my work, but for right now I must REST!! Here's the photo I announced that I was having another baby on facebook with. YES, Oaklee is WAAAAY excited!!! :-)

Oaklee took this photo to announce that we are having another GIRL . . . PINK!!! I was sooo hoping for a little boy, but it's okay. Riley is our little boy in heaven and we are sooo blessed to be getting a little girl that HE is taking care of!! :-)LOVE these two little girls of mine!! Thankz to my AWESOME friend, Ashlee, for taking this photo of them!! :-)As many of you know and I say it ALLL the time . . . PHOTOZ ARE MY LIFE!!!! I take sooo many photoz of my family!!! I actually take a photo of my own family at least ONCE a month. Photoz are sooo important to me!! :-) Here is our October photo taken by Ashlee Fackrell. THANK YOU!!!Here is our September photo. It was taken by Keylee Kugler. THANKZ Keylee!! :-)Here's our August photo. I LOVE this one!!! Taken by Natalie Park. Thankz Nat!! :-)July Family Photo at Fish LakeOur June photo taken by Donni Pay. THANK YOU!!! This is Matt's horse Smokey that he had to put down. Remember to get your "other" family members in your photoz, too!! :-)I took this photo in May after Riley's FIRST Birthday. This is one of my favorite family photoz!! :-)April Family Photo . . . camping over west with the Easter Tree I decorated with "JUNK" we found around camp. Too much fun!!Our March Family Photo at Disneyland!February Family Photo at the corrals feeding the "mooers".This is one of my most favorite family photoz EVER!!! We went out to snowmobile and ride the sleds. This photo is just taken with my camera sitting on the back of Matt's snowmobile. There's NEVER an excuse to NOT take family photoz!!! They are sooo important!!! They don't have to be professional and you don't have to be dressed up!! Or at least that's what I think :-)!! LEARN the camera that you have and use it and start taking family photoz!!! You won't regret it!! You don't need a "fancy" camera. You just need your family and a self-timer!! And if you don't have one of these, then yes, hire someone, but take photoz!! And MOMS GET IN THE PHOTOZ WITH YOUR KIDS!!! Your kids will LOVE you for it!!!! :-)This is a photo of MY side of the family. LOVE them and thankz to Keylee Kugler for taking it!!

My AWESOME parents!! Don't know what I'd do without them!! I am who I am today because of THEM!!! I am sooo BLESSED to have them in my life!! I LOVE you two!! :-)I LOVE this photo of my Mom!!! She's THE best and sooo AWESOME!!! I hope I'm YOUNG like her when I get older!! :-)
The five grandkids . . .
My Sister, Marni's, family. LOVE them!!! :-)
I am soo THANKFUL for my sister, Marni. She's an AWESOME person and sister. She's blessed with a great husband and some pretty talented, cute kids!! :-)
I LOVE this photo of Oaklee with her cousin, Kaze. I'm sooo glad that she LOVES to help with Kaze. She's going to be an AWESOME help when her new sister gets here!!
LOVE this . . .
Miss MaLayni Jane . . . oh how I love her and she keeps me entertained!!
Here's my little miracle girl. This is Oaklee Rayn, but we call her Mitzi. This is after her second surgery. Her first surgery was to remove a cancerous tumor when she was only 22 days old. This is her in July after having bladder surgery. I am sooo THANKFUL for this little girl and the power of prayer. She is doing AWESOME and I couldn't be more blessed!! :-)
And she's a DORK like me!!!! :-)
Yep, I am sooo blessed to have these two goof balls in my life!! I LOVE them more than I can ever say and am SOOO THANKFUL for them!! :-)
Miss MaLayni Jane or Dennis or Baby Jane. LOVE this little girl!!! Yep, she eats dirt, has a silly personality, and NOTHING is ever boring with her around!! :-)
I am also THANKFUL for cute little friends and for this time of year!!
Another thing I am THANKFUL for is scrapbooking!!! I'm a HUUUUGE scrapbooker. That's the main reason I take photoz and got into photography!! With my break, I was able to get ALL of my Project 365 pages done for the year 2010. I am sooo happy about that and here's the summary pages for each month . . .
And here's ALL my family photoz for 2010
Here's my photoz for the year 2009
And I am VERY THANKFUL that I met this gal a year ago!! She's turned out to be one of my very BEST friends!! I LOVE her to pieces and am sooo THANKFUL for your friendship in my life!! Love ya Ash!! :-)
This is Matt's goofy horse. He would do this A LOT for the camera!! I'm sooo glad I have this photo of him. Matt had to put him down because of Ring Bone. We will miss him, but sooo THANKFUL for photoz!!!
There ya go . . . a little bit of MY life and what I've been up to. I am truly THANKFUL for all that I have!! I LOVE my life, my family, and my trials. Yep, I've had quite a few, but who doesn't. I believe it's all in your attitude and it's taken me a LOOONG time to realize that!!! I always think, it could be sooo much worse!! I've got sooo many things going right with my life to be negative and stressed!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may the Lord continue to bless you and yours!! :-)